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Contact Ian: ian@environmentalartstherapy.co.uk


  workshops, storytelling and other books


Ian currently runs a post graduate certificate in environmental arts therapy at the London Art Therapy Centre every two years. This course runs for one weekend a month for a year and takes place at the London art therapy centre, Highgate woods, Hampstead heath and in local parks. This course is only available for qualified creative therapists. Contact the London Art Therapy Centre for details. Click here ( link coming soon)

For information about other workshops and courses run by Ian in the coming year contact him on ian@environmentalartstherapy.co.uk

If you are within reach of Exeter Ian is currently available for Individual environmental arts therapy. Fortnightly two hour sessions in woodland locations on the edge of Exeter.


If you would like to work with Ian in your area then you may wish to consider these instead:
Environmental arts therapy workshops
These workshops are shaped by the month that they are run in, the location and the materials that it offers. Any wild and natural location is adequate, including woodland, moorland, beaches, meadows, even gardens if extensive enough. Access to shelter in case of rain and a source of heating in the colder months is helpful.


Ian writes and performs his own 'Hairy Tales' - stories full of archetypal imagery, mystery, comedy, adventure and pathos. When performing to children Ian enables the audience to participate in the tale, play the characters and enact the story.

Hairy Tales have proven to be extremely popular with adults and children of all ages, and Ian is available for storytelling at festivals and events..

Listen here http://hairytales.bandcamp.com/


 Other books by Ian

Environmental Arts Therapy, the wild frontiers of the heart

Coedited by Ian Siddons Heginworth and Gary Nash. An anthology of environmental arts therapy writing by practising therapists. Published by Routledge CLICK HERE.

Hairy Tales

A collection of original fairy stories. Dark and mysterious, wild and hilarious, tragic and romantic, they will make you laugh, they will make you cry and they will fill you with wonder! But most of all, they are wise, heart opening and medicine for the soul.

Published by Spirit's Rest CLICK HERE .