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  What People Say

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"I have found this book inspirational and supportive. Ian has woven together a tapestry of wisdom drawn from many sources, imbued with the thread of his own rich lived experience to produce something which is both heartful and poetic, insightful and accessible. It is a book for our time, mapping a way for us to reconnect to those disowned parts of ourselves by nourishing and respecting our fundamental relationship with the natural environment. It offers us the possibility of healing, not just at a personal level but in the wider context to our fragmented society and suffering world. Our need for wild places and the honouring of that wildness in Nature and in ourselves often entails stepping with courage beyond our comfort zones. In this book Ian both affirms us in that quest and offers a light to help guide the way."

Richard Dealler, chairman, The Mary Michael Pilgrims Way


"A truly meaningful, well-written book that captures the poetry of living life well, and with grace - I am LOVING it.  I read it month by month and it gives me great solace and comfort, especially in those times when I feel I'm drifting away from my centre.  It re-connects me to the cycles of nature and gives me a clearer, calmer perspective on what is really important to me.  I have recommended this book to everyone I know as an absolutely must have."

Eleanor Scott Wilson, dramatherapist


"This book is proving to be such a friend! It invites me to play and whisks me into some wild corner of mother nature where we wiggle our toes in the delicious mud of what it is to be human. It pokes and prods and lays bear hidden hurts with breathtaking directness, it flips over heavy rocks and chases out secrets with ease. This friend tells great stories and paints powerful images that can leave me in no doubt that I am undone, utterly seen for what I am and I can offer no surprises. What a relief! This book is a travelling companion for life, my own inner self is the landscape we are exploring. It doesn’t let me get away with only visiting the pretty bits but while I’m travelling with such an eager and wise guide I find I don’t mind the grubby bits so much. It comes laden with gifts, insights that leave you nodding and smiling in recognition, practical tools that make it seem possible to finally integrate the dark and light within and inspiring news of fellow travellers. This book insists on wholeness, shadow and light are all divine in this friend’s eyes and if on the way I get all self-pitying this friend will quite rightly push me over in the leaves and flick mud in my hair."

Kate Calder, cued english tutor teaching spoken English through vision


"As I read each months’ writings I am reminded of ongoing cycles in the natural world and the bigger mythical stage in which the drama of my own process is set. I then feel connected to the landscape and Ian inspires me to go out there, to stalk the wild within and look it straight in the eyes. With the tools and guidance the book provides I am enabled to enter the moment and give voice to what needs to be heard, or enact what needs to be noticed. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to enter the flames of personal therapy, emerge, phoenix like, and allow the cycle of their lives to move on, with greater awareness of, and unhindered by, their past."

Chris Holland, bushcraft teacher and author of "I love my world"


"Congratulations, and a million thanks for birthing your book 'eat me'. Aptly named as i devour its contents each month.
It has enticed me into the green vein of nature, to understand more extensively the language of her rhythms and cycles, drawing on tradition, archetypes, metaphors and earths energy's, it is a skillful and poetic guide to transform, heal, and connect us to the relationship between human heart and pulsating planet.
My partner has been reading it to me, month by month, how your words wash away the dust on my emotions is nothing short of genius! I beg him to read on, but of course it would be senseless, as it commands the graceful and gentle pace of nature itself.
This book has enlightened, thrilled and floored me. As he reads sometimes all i can do is shout STOP! As i also need the time for it to take root.
Now i have a copy of my own, i will use it as my yearly guide book, i feel you have gifted me with such delicious wisdom, this book now sits in my bag with the rest of my essential items..
i can only imagine the labour of love this has been in bringing it into fruition and i can only say on behalf of the feminine the masculine and gaia herself the biggest of thank yous. you have produced a gem worthy of a best seller."

Catherine Wilcox, mother, singer, dancer, teacher


"I and my four sisters have had a recent bereavement – we lost our brother, and I bought my sisters your book, we are all finding it poignant, revealing and comforting –especially the the parts about grief."

Sharon Hayden, dramatherapist


“This book contains a gentle yet powerful transformative wisdom informed by the authors’ impressive knowledge of ancient lore, nature and the human condition. A fascinating and enlightening read even for the well informed.”

Joe Salmon, Director,Tai Chi Nation